I’m a cultural explorer — one part wallflower, one part adventurer.

There are too many amazing things going on in the world of arts and communication to have just one job title, so on any given day I take photos, make videos, write, and advise on brand strategy from a visual and cultural standpoint. If you must have a definition I am a photographer and creative director. 

I have been independently directing and producing visual content for a wide range of brands since 2005, and working professionally in the realm of photo and video since 2000. While there has been some exceptional luck and timing in my career, I also recognize, and vividly remember, the all-nighters and brutally long days that have got me to where I am today. I have been very fortunate to make a living pursuing my passion, and to have seen the world through the lens of a creative professional.

When I’m not travelling and working, you can find me at home in the amazing Okanagan Valley riding my bicycle, eating apples from the tree, drinking local wine, and enjoying the splendours of living in a hidden recreational and agricultural gem. If anybody asks though, it’s really cold here in Canada and we all live in igloos.

Thanks for visiting my site, and please feel free to drop me a line!


— Select Clients and Past Projects —


Air Canada | Aeroplan | BC Hydro | Beam Global Spirits | Bombardier | Council for Research Excellence | City of Vancouver | Gap Inc. | ICBC | Intel | Ipsos | Nike Canada | Time Warner Group | Unilever | Vision Critical 

Food / Beverage / Lifestyle

49th Parallel Coffee | Blue Mountain Vineyard and Cellars | Cask & Barrel | Evolve Cellars | Gold Medal Plates | Lake Breeze Winery | MacIntyre Heritage Reserve | Marichel Vineyards | McWatters Collection | TIME Winery | Travel Penticton


Axel Merckx Events | MB Events | Challenge Penticton | International Triathlon Union | Ryders Eyewear | Simon Whitfield Inc. | Velofix 

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